Fixing hair loss through the right nutrients.


Are you tired of seeing your hair in the shower area, on your pillow and bed sheet, tangled on the carpet? Why not include a few things in your meals that may actually fix the problem without you having to go to a dermatalogist. Here are few foods for hair loss control that might help you out : Firstly, a healthy breakfast with the inclusion of dairy products such as milk, egg, yogurt and oats is very essential. Dairy products have zinc, proteins and essential vitamins that promote hair follicle growth. Coming to vegetables, its good to have spinach (source of iron) and carrots (source of vitamin A that nourishes hair). Among fruits, strawberry appears to do the trick as it contains silica which is essential for hair growth. A general advice would be to have loads of vitamin C containing items such as oranges, lemon, papaya, kiwis and berries. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and also helps to nourish damaged or brittle hair.
Nature has instored the solution to all such problems in the natural commodities such as fruits and vegetables. It is up to you now whether you choose to do the efforts or just let go. Read more about natural hair loss remedies for women.